MYKOS is a fast-growing, beneficial fungus that increases nutrient and water uptake by forming a symbiotic relationship with the roots of a plant.  MYKOS is needed to break down, cycle, and retain nutrients as well as provide a front line of defense against environmental stresses, pathogens, and diseases.  With a larger and healthier root system, plants are given the opportunity to increase crop yields and secondary metabolites.  A pack can be used for up to 6 transplants.

Benefit of MYKOS:

  • Helps new plantings reduce transplant shock by stimulating new root growth.
  • Forms hyphae that increase the root mass resulting in more absorption of nutrients and moisture.
  • Protects your plants against drought and heat stress, as well as keeping harmful pathogens from making root contact.
  • Improves the soil structure both in clay soil and sandy soil.
  • Helps break down organic compounds and converts them into plant-available plant food.


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