Featured Artists

Jeanette Turkus

She experiments with mixed media, paint, collage, ink, pastel and more, keeping her enthusiastic and challenged.

Her subject matter often includes a figure inspired by “life drawing”.  The human figure, and the mystery and personality behind a gesture, is an ongoing inspiration for her.  She has been practicing life drawing with live models for many years.

To view more of her work, please visit our store in Los Gatos.

Jackie Boberg.

Her work is deeply shaped by experiences growing up in London in the 60’s, when fashion and music were exploding, where clothing became art, and design burst into the everyday.  She has a simple goal – to create dynamic, vibrant works that jump on and off the wall.

When faced with a blank canvas, she seeks out materials that will inspire her internal dialogue.  Though she may gather her media, plan a color scheme, and start with a thumbnail of a design, she often ends up following the way the materials balance as they hit the canvas.

While earning a living in tech in Silicon Valley and raising two children, she took every community college art course available in her spare time, and sought out teaching artists and mentors to help hone her skills in drawing, painting and seeing.

Her current goal is to continue exploration of various materials and to exercise the design muscle by creating daily mixed media pieces, using them to guide her larger works.

All of her proceeds from sales are donated to Cancer CAREpoint.

To view more of her work, please visit our store in Los Gatos.

Noreen Christopher

Abstract paintings are a visual means of expressing her personality.  The freedom to face a blank canvas, to contemplate, and use her imagination allows her to pursue her creative journey.

The paintings are characterized by an “inside-out” style, with creativity coming from within, rather than an “outside-in” realistic style.  Her passion in painting is the use of color and design.  As a focus, this provides her with the opportunity to present unusual viewpoints and ambiguities.

To view more of her work, please visit our store in Los Gatos.