Heirloom Tomato Plant

Our selections for this year is unusual and exotic.  As most of you know, our plants are organic, healthy and strong, it gives you a jump start for disease free tomatoes.  Why grow heirlooms?  If you want quality, tasty and nutritional food, heirloom produces are the way to go.

Tomatoes are a hot weather crop.  You can usually plant safely about 2 to 3 weeks after the last predicted frost date.  The most important thing to keep in mind is that night temperatures and soil temperatures should be steadily above 50º before planting tomatoes, or your plants will go dormant and just sit there in the cold soil, staring at you and not growing until the weather warms up.  This dormancy stage makes your plants very susceptible to disease and insect damage, delays fruit set and reduces yield.

Due to weather nature, sometimes we may have to substitute a similar plant variety if your first choice is not available.  All plants are available for PICK UP only.  Please indicate your prefer pick up date on the comment box when proceed to checkout.  We will try to match the date as close as we could.  The plants will be available on the first week of April.  We fill our order based on order date, so, make your selections early.

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Afternoon Delight
Large, beautiful and very meaty red/yellow bi-color beefsteak with purple anthocyanin.  This..
Amos Coli
Large meaty, paste, California heirloom.  Very productive. Dense, meaty with great, well bal..
Atomic Grape
These elongated multi-color large cherries grow in clusters.  Lavender stripes when is not m..
Black Cherry
1" deep purple, mahogany-brown cherries.  Sweet, rich, complex, full flavored.  Indeter..
Blue Beauty
Selection from a cross with Beauty King and a blue tomato.  Great production. Medium large f..
Cascade Lava
Lovely red with orange spots and streaks showing through parts of the clear skin.  White fre..
Cherokee Purple
With rich, full flavor, it is often compared to Brandywine.  This large dark purple tomato f..
Cosmic Eclipse
Unique variety.  Beautiful 2-3 oz fruits, start off green with dark green stripes and striki..
Dragon's Eye
Very pretty pink-rose colored with green stripes that turn gold. They look shiny and almost fake...
Early Girl
Round, red, sweet, very productive hybrid.  3 - 6 oz, Early Season. ..
Gold Berries
Beautiful cherry tomato.  The unripe fruits are amethyst purple and they ripen to yellow. &n..
Husky Red
Extreme meaty red beefsteak, Mid-Early, 4-8 oz.  Classic red tomato flavor.  Very good ..
Kellogs Breakfast
Super tasty, very meaty, yellow/gold beefsteak heirloom. 12 - 16oz, Mid to Late Season. ..
Large Barred Boar
Like most dark tomatoes, this is one of the first ripe tomatoes each season.  Indeterminate,..
Lucid Gem
4-5 oz beefsteaks.  This is a red/yellow interior, sister of Blue Beauty.  Very attract..