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Cotton Works provides lifestyle products for your home.  Specializing in accent furniture, accessories, window coverings, re-upholstery, made-to-order sofas, custom framing, original artworks and spectacular outdoor fountains and furniture.  We have worked with many of luxurious homes in the bay area.  The company is renowned for the finest quality, elegant design, and attention to every detail.

Customer happiness is our ultimate goal.  We are passionate about getting to know our clients on a personal level and it is important to us that each client’s home reflects individual vision and style.  We deal with each client one-on-one, to truly understand their needs and personalities.  That’s what makes every home comfortable, inviting, unique and ultimately personal.

Visit Cotton Works for a great inspiration and unique shopping experience.  In-home design services available.

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  1. “Cotton Works” truly got me addicted with ur site!
    I personally will certainly be back again much more often.
    Thanks a lot ,Thalia

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